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Leica DISTO X310

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Leica DISTO™

Model: DISTO X310

SKU: X310

Was: £239.00

Sale Price: £159.95 Incl. VAT: £191.94

Rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars

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Product overview:

The original & most robust Laser Distance meter......

The new Leica DISTO ™ X310 sets a new standard in laser measuring. 


A 360 degree angle measure and 1mm accuracy combined with an extremely robust housing which is both waterproof and rugged makes the Leica Disto X310 distance measure a perfect choice for all trades and property related measuring needs. 


In addition, to its durability the Leica Disto X310 has a wealth of new measuring functions for material take offs, true horizontal calculations and indirect height measurements.


Measuring range up to 120 metre; typical accuracy ± 1.0 mm (0.04 in)
Fast and accurate distance measurements on detailed display.

Very rugged construction. (It passes drop tests of up to 2m height)

IP65 water jet protection and dust-tight.

Power Range Technology™

Smart Horizontal Mode™
Measure over long distances without target plate.

Timer function, selectable from 5 to 60 secs.

Full 360 degree Tilt measurements
Measure angles at the touch of a button.
Indirect measurements with the help of the tilt sensor
Horizontal distances can be measured without problem despite nearby
Flip-out end-piece with automatic detection
Reliable, trouble-free measurement from edges or out of corners
Room calculations
Values like total wall length, wall and ceiling areas are available
at the touch of button.
Room angle calculation
Exact calculation of a room angle from only three measurements.

Product video:

Technical specification:

Batteries - 2pc x type AAA, 1.5V dc

Weight with batteries: 155g

Dimensions: 122 x 55 x 31mm

Additional functions include:

Tilt measurement
The instrument's inbuilt tilt sensor quickly and simply determines tilts
over full 360°. The tilt sensor can also provide you with true horizontal
distances. Reliable measurements are therefore guaranteed.

Multifunctional end piece
Aim the instrument straight at the target point, whether measuring out of corners, slots or from edges: with this end piece you are prepared for all measuring situations. The instrument detects the end piece automatically,
which helps you avoid expensive measuring errors.

Automatic keypad and display illumination
A built-in sensor detects if the environment is dark and switches on the
illumination of the keypad and display. You can also measure in the dark
without any problem.

Multiple functions
The Leica DISTO™ X310 can also calculate areas, volumes, room
dimensions and various types of Pythagorean functions. A time delay
release and enough memory for up to 20 measurements finish off the
instruments wide range of functions - a concept designed to make
your work easier.

Also included in the kit:

Holster: Stows everything away neatly
Target plate: Allows accurate measurement on a non-reflective surface.
Wrist strap: Secures the instrument at all heights

Calibration and servicing:

We check and calibrate all Lasers prior to dispatch, to ensure they meet or exceed the manufacturers published specifications at the time of shipment from the factory.
If you routinely work on large job sites, which require you to have a physical Calibration certificate, issued in your name and matched to the Laser via its serial number, you must ensure you tick the above box marked "Paper Certificate" (where applicable) to add a Calibration certificate to your order. The Certificate will then be generated and included with your Laser. Please note the issuing of a Calibration certificate DOES NOT delay or hold up the despatch of your Laser in any way.

Kit comprises of:

Leica DISTO™ X310
AAA Batteries (2pc)
Wrist strap
Safety Instructions
User Manual/CD
Quickstart leaflet 

VAT Invoice:

When the order is dispatched, a PDF (digital copy) of the VAT invoice will be attached to the dispatch confirmation email and a paper copy of the VAT invoice will be in the box.

Key information:

Model DISTO X310
Brand Leica
Type Distance Meter
Laser beam Dot
Laser colour Red Beam
Usage Indoor & Outdoor (Although mainly an Outdoor product)
Mounting thread 1/4 inch
Laser output Class 2
IP rating IP66 (Dust tight / Protected against powerful jets of water)
Warranty Automatic 3 Year Warranty

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Posted by Declan Healy on Thursday 23rd of November 2017


Can you use the DISTO over water to give an accurate reading of water levels. ?


  • Posted by Laser Levels Online - Support on Thursday 23rd of November 2017

    Hi Declan,

    Distance meters work by transmitting a beam which then bounces off a solid surface back to the instrument allowing it to then calculate the distance.

    Distance meters are notoriously bad at calculating distance when directed towards "shiny" surfaces. Glossy plastics, glass, uncoated metals etc.. I suspect water would most definitely fit into this category.

    As such, I would sadly say a distance meter would be unsuitable for your application.

    If you have any further questions or require any additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Best regards
    Mark Roberts
    Laser Levels Online

    The Laser Level Specialists

Posted by Andrew Marcham on Monday 12th of December 2016


Why I a geting an Error 220 message when trying to measure a horizontal distance with my Leica 310 laser metre


  • Posted by Laser Levels Online - Support on Monday 12th of December 2016

    Hi Andrew,

    This error usually relates to the batteries.

    Try changing the batteries for some new good quality Duracel ones and also ensure you are not using rechargable batteries which are a lower voltage and can cause problems.

    Best regards
    Mark Roberts
    Laser Levels Online
    The Laser Level Specialists
Posted by martin on Monday 2nd of November 2015


I assumed I would be able to measure the angle of a staircase with this product. However i have looked at all of the functions and there is not one that will display an angle?? How do i measure an angle??


Posted by Lyn on Sunday 28th of September 2014


how do I fix the wrist strap to my new leica disco x310

1 people had same question.


  • Posted by Colin Harris on Sunday 28th of September 2014
    Further to my original reply, I figured it out: it took a while! There are two slots on either side of the rear of the unit, about 1/3 of the way from the bottom. Open the battery compartment and you will see that these slots allow you to thread the wrist strap through. You can use either slot. It is a bit fiddly, though you can first push through a thread of cotton and then use this to pull the wrist loop though. The seal on the battery compartment is inside of the wrist-loop slot, so is not affected. Hope this helps!
  • Posted by Colin Harris on Sunday 28th of September 2014
    The wrist strap comes with the unit. It is not immediately clear where it should be attached, and is not explained in the manual.
  • Posted by Laser Levels Online - Support on Sunday 28th of September 2014


    Sadly, we do not sell hand straps for the X310. Your best bet would be to try eBay as small spares like this are often available on there.

    If you have any further questions or require any additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Best regards
    Mark Roberts
    Laser Levels Online

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