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Fukuda Battery Charger 5.6 Volt UK Plug, 900mA

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Fukuda Battery Charger 5.6 Volt UK Plug, 900mA

Model: KD500-9

SKU: KD500-9-UK-Charger

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Fukuda Battery Charger 5.6 Volt UK Plug, 900mA

Product overview:

Mains 230V AC Laser Charger, rated 900mA with LED charging indicator. (Manufacturers part no. KD500-CII)


Compatible with the following FUKUDA laser levels:

FRE-203 Red or Green beam

FRE-207 Grade laser, red beam

FRE-208 Grade laser, red beam
FRE-211 Red beam


FRE-301R Red beam

FRE-301G Green beam

FRE-102AR Red beam

FRE-102AG Green beam


This charger also suits the following PLS laser levels:


PLS HR 1000

PLS HLE 1000

Transformer rating:

Input 100-240Vac 50/60Hz

Output DC 5.6V 900mA, centre pin + polarity

Double insulated.

CE mark


Key information:

Model KD500-9
Brand Fukuda
Type Mains Charger
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

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Posted by Alan on Friday 10th of August 2018


I have just brought a new fukuda battery charger 5.6 volt 900mA ( kd500-9) I plugged it in & the red light kept on flashing even When I connected to my laser is this correct as my Last charger the red light remained still not flashing ? Thanks Alan


  • Posted by Laser Levels Online - Support on Friday 10th of August 2018

    Hi Alan,

    Unfortunately I was unable to track down your order based on your email or name. Was the charger purchased from us?

    However, I can confirm that when you plug the charger into the wall socket the red light should flash on-off-on-off and then when you plug the jack into the laser it should remain solid red whilst charging.

    If the it flashes on-off-on-off whilst plugged in to the laser it would indicate a fault. Now the fault is either with the charger or with the charging circuit and or batteries in the laser.

    If the charger was not purchased from us you would need to contact the supplying dealer.

    If it was purchased from us please send us an email to with your order details / order reference etc.. so that we can locate your order. We will then be able to advise accordingly.

    If you have any further questions or require any additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Best regards
    Mark Roberts
    Laser Levels Online
    The Laser Level Specialists



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