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Nivcomp NI0SD1-H25-HS

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NivComp Digital Altimeter micro SD Pro kit with data storage – an effective Laser Level alternative

Model: Nivcomp NI0SD1-H25-HS


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Product overview:

An effective Laser Level alternative with micro SD data storage.


What is the NivComp micro SD Pro kit?

NivComp is the first digital display, SD card DATA STORAGE leveling instrument of its kind, to let you work alone and even around corners, both Indoors & outdoors. It has an accuracy precision of better than +/-2mm and covers up to ± 2.5 metres vertically (or +/-4m with the supplied rods) over an area of 48 metres diameter. The handset's display resolution is 1mm.


It has advantages over using a conventional Rotating laser level in the following applications:

Where there is no line of site ie. the Nivcomp system works around corners and from room to room. It works from floor to floor and in deep excavations too. It also displays results digitally on the handset display. Vertical measurements a displayed directly on a clear LCD, in large, easy to read digits - unlike conventional builder’s optical site levels (Dumpy levels) or rotary laser levels.


This "micro SD Pro kit" includes an SD storage card and USB/Micro SD Card Reader (compatible to all computers with USB), for extended data storage and evaluation. Up to 500 level-points can be recorded on-site.

Using the USB/Micro SD card reader, the transfer of data is simpler and quicker. Level-point storage is almost endless. 

It’s a excellent system - very versatile and as in the applications described above, has big advantages over other, more conventional leveling methods. Also, it is very competitively priced verses the ZipLevel, at half its price. 

Precision high-quality German design and engineering from the renowned Dirotec company.


An invaluable tool for the Construction Trade, Architects, Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Archaeologists & Garden Designers / Landscapers alike.


So how does a NivComp work?
The NivComp system consists of a hose reel with retractable handles, a stable long flexible hose (tube) and display handset. Inside the hose reel is a fluid container and locking screw. The display handset contains a high-quality pressure measuring module & easy-to-read LCD.

Levels are very accurately determined by the pressure changes between the fluid container in the reel and the handset. The pressure changes result from the height difference between the handset and the fluid container.

The measuring principal is applicable to the entire horizontal and working range of the hose.

Applications allow blind level measurements over obstructions or without visual contact, eg around corners, between trenches or adjacent rooms, etc. 
Also, it covers most applications to determine flatness and slope measurement.


Micro SD card data storage facility for up to 500 level-points

A clear and easy to use, liquid crystal display (LCD) on the handset
User self calibration mode – very useful.
Auto switch-off after 30 mins – to conserve power.
Includes a set of 4 extension rods to extend the range of the NivComp.
(Enables the User to reach up high & down into trenches etc)
Easy to operate 
Durable & maintenance free 
No setting up or tripods required 
Measures height differences in blind areas (eg from one room to another, or inside to outside) 
No laser beam (so no safety issues) 
One man operation 
Display Unit can be held vertical or flat


Working Range: Horizontal 48 metre (24m radius) / Vertical ±2.5m or ±4m when used with the extension rods 
Accuracy: ±2mm @ datum level / >0.5% indicated height measurement 
Display: mm (1mm resolution) or ins 
Power supply: Handset 1 x 1.5V type AA alkaline battery (included), Reel 1 x 3.2V Lithium, type CR 123A (fitted / sealed for life).
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +40°C

Product video:

Please click HERE to watch a Video Demo.

Example usage:

Garden design & landscaping.

Drilling and Wall removal work. 
Wall break-throughs into houses. 
Gradient measurement, water drainage & gutters 
Installation of shuttering, concrete floors, cornerstones
Fitting Steels, Lintels, doors & windows.
Pipework & electrical installation.
Suspended ceilings. 
Machine & conveyor installation.
General measurement & survey reports
...and many others.

Manufacturers data:

Please click HERE to view the Operating Instructions.

If you need?:

We are able to supply a wide range of accessories for Nivcomps.....

Pole kit with magnet & H-set device holder

Steel H-Disk

Level Pegs

Carry case

*Prices on application*


Kit comprises of:

NivComp Altimeter Hose Reel
Digital Handset 
Fitted Batteries

Micro SD card / USB card reader
Set of extension rods with magnetic clamp & handset cradle. 
Robust Carry Case.
User Instruction
Safety Manual

VAT Invoice:

When the order is dispatched, a PDF (digital copy) of the VAT invoice will be attached to the dispatch confirmation email and a paper copy of the VAT invoice will be in the box.

Key information:

Model Nivcomp NI0SD1-H25-HS
Brand NivComp
Type Digital Altimeter
Usage Indoor & Outdoor
IP rating IP55 (Protected against dust / Protected against jets of water from any direction)
Warranty Automatic 5 Year Warranty

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