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Fukuda FRE-203XG Laser Kit

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Fully Self Levelling Rotary Laser Level Kit, Including Laser Detector & Remote Control, Surveying Tripod & 4m Measuring Staff (GREEN Beam, Horizontal, Vertical, 90° Squaring & Dual Grade)

Model: FRE-203XG

SKU: FRE-203XG-Kit

£649.00 Incl. VAT: £778.80

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Product overview:

The Fukuda FRE-203XG is an accurate, very bright GREEN beam laser level which is well featured & competitively priced. It replaces the extremely reliable Fukuda FRE-301G, to which it shares many of its internal components. It builds upon this foundation to incorporate many new features and improvements. This is currently the only model in the Fukuda range which is extremely robust, having a drop-test specification of 1 metre onto concrete. The top glass "lighthouse" is protected by a metal die cast cover whilst a robust roll cage adds increased durability.

Its a professional laser level kit from the Fukuda Laser Company. They are specialists in their field of laser level manufacture & certified to ISO-9001.


The FRE-203XG quickly auto levels to set horizontals, verticals and 90 degree site squaring. An invaluable feature.


In addition, this laser can be switched to Manual mode where the spinning beam can set a grade (fall) in the X axis, Y axis or both together (dual grade).

You can only grade match with this system and not key in a value, however it will set up to a 1:10 (10%) grade.


For Indoor & Outdoor use with a 532nm, class IIIA green laser
Sealed water-proof construction (IP66)
Self-levelling both horizontally & vertically
Up and Down dot for setting Plumb & groundworks squaring

(Up dot - Green, Down dot - Red)
Accurate 3 axis electronic sensor

One metre drop test specification onto concrete
IR control via handheld Remote
Anti-Drift system (Bump sensor)
Dual Grade & SCAN facility
Auto shut-off - if instrument goes outside of its levelling range
Low battery indication
Rechargeable battery system

Spare alkaline battery pack
Full 36 months parts & labour Warranty

You have the facility to totally stop or move the green dot slowly in either direction using the remote control. Rotational speed is adjustable in 4 increments up to max. of 600 rpm.

For Indoor use, the SCAN facility comes into its own. This enables the User to stop the dot, then make it oscillate as a short intense green line in one area of the room only. Left/right keys on the remote control moves this laser line to the exact area of working. A really useful feature.


DUAL Axis Grading:

You can keep XX axis auto level, whilst setting a Grade (tilt angle) on the YY axis. This is helpful for setting falls of drainage, car-parks & access ways. Or you can set grades in both axis together (ie. DUAL Grade facility).

Additionally, a perfectly plumb laser dot is generated above the instrument via the prism system. With the instrument set on its side to spin vertically, (its called "laydown") this green dot can be used to set 90 degree right angles for groundworks site Squaring etc.

Please note: Do not use the red down dot for long distance site squaring. Its purpose is for tripod/laser location over a marking pin.


Horizontal accuracy: +/- 2.8mm over 30 metres (+/-20 arc seconds)
Vertical accuracy: +/- 2.8mm over 30 metres (+/20 arc seconds)
Auto (self) levelling range: +/-5 degree (instrument will auto level on a surface within 5 degrees of true level)
Measuring range: 500 metres diameter (using the supplied laser detector)

Drop specification test: 1m onto concrete
Rotation speed: 0, 60, 300 & 600rpm 
Dual Grade range in both X & Y axis:  +/-10%  (1 in 10)
Laser Output: 520nm, Class 3R visible green laser diode
Laser plumbing: Accuracy +/-1mm / 1.5m
Remote Control range: 20m by infared.
Power supply: Battery Pack containing 4 x 1.2 Volt rechargeable "C" type batteries & an alkaline battery spare pack
Continuous operating: 50hrs approx.
Working Temperature: -20 to +50 deg C
Waterproof protection: IP66
Instrument Dimensions: 215(L) x 215(W) x 210H (mm)
Instrument weight: 2.5kg (with batteries)

Robust & foam lined, carry case: 460 x 360 x 255(H) mm

Technical specification:

+/- 2.8mm @ 30 metres, max. operating diameter 500m (250m either side of the instrument).
An accuracy of +/- 2.8mm @ 30 metres is equivalent to 0.09 mm/m and to put that into perspective, the best premium German spirit level has an accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm/m or +/- 15mm @ 30 metres.

Manufacturers data:

News: Laser Levels Online have announced the introduction of an extension to their Fukuda rotary laser level warranty.

  • Fukuda Rotary Lasers purchased prior to 15/10/2015 - 1 year parts and labour warranty
  • Fukuda Rotary Lasers purchased between 15/10/2015 and 31/12/2019 - 2 year parts and labour warranty (excludes eBay purchases)
  • As of 1st January 2020, all Fukuda branded ROTARY laser levels, now come with a 3 years parts and labour warranty. Customers are already confident in Fukuda's high-quality products, but now have the added confidence of a three-year parts and labour warranty as well.

Fukuda CROSS & MULTILINE laser warranties remain unchanged with 1 year parts and labour warranty.

Included in the kit:

A compact Laser Detector (receiver) to extend the range of the FRE-203XG to 500 metres diameter.

Large detecting range compatible with visible green beam output lasers
(520nm, Class 3R)
High accuracy.
Audible and visual indication of set LEVEL.
Staff mounting clamp bracket

Detecting accuracy: fine & course settings +/- 1mm & +/- 2mm
Display: Front & back LCD
Audible pitch warning. (selectable On/Off)
Power supply: 1 x 9V battery
Operating time: Approx 30 hours continuous, at 20 deg C.
Low battery warning via LCD
Power Conservation: 10 minutes auto cut-off.
Dimensions: 63 x 23 x 135mm
Weight: 350g (with battery & bracket)

Also included in the kit:

The Fukuda FRE-203XG kit also includes the following accessories:


Telescopic Levelling Staff (Model: TLS4S)

(Colours / Brand may vary)

4m, 5-section, Telescopic Levelling Staff. 
Five robust aluminium sections with abrasion proof scale.
Closed length height 970mm, extending to maximum height of 4m.
Automatic locking buttons when extended.
Millimetre scale on back and E-graduations (1cm) markings on front
Rear mm scale (for use with laser levels) has ZERO mm marking at ground level.
Red / Black coded front sections.
Accepts all Laser detector mounting brackets.
Removable, rear mounted circular Bubble Level.
Carry sleeve.
Height: 0.97m closed length to extended max 4m. 
Weight 1.15kg.


Surveying Tripod (Model: S-LAT)

(Colours / Brand may vary and may have branding on tripod leg)

Maximum 1.5m height. 
Robust aluminium tripod. 
Extending legs with quick-release, toggle clamp adjustment. 
Flat top, mounting head. 
Head size 130mm
5/8 inch x 11 thread. 
Closed length 0.925m
Max. Opened height 1.5m approx.
Weight: 3.4kg
Carry strap

Purchase options:

Upgrade the kit to include the Fukuda FRD800G Detector - The perfect choice for the Fukuda FRE-203XG!


Fukuda Lasers have developed a "top of the range" detector for the Professional Trades person which is easy-to-use and accurate. It is ideal for use with any brand of rotating visible green beam laser level.


The FRD800G Laser Detector is a highly versatile, well featured laser receiver for both basic and advanced leveling and aligning applications; designed for general, concrete and site preparation contractors.


It features a digital readout of elevation that provides a numeric display of +/-45mm to 1mm resolution. Accurate measurements can be made without moving the rod clamp, saving time and increasing productivity. The readout is displayed on large front and rear LCD's, showing exactly how far the elevation is from on-grade. A back-light assists readings in low ambient lighting. 


Selectable units of measurement can be displayed to meet your specific application: in mm, cm or inches. A 125mm long red pick-up window, more than double the industry standard, allows quick acquisition of the laser beam. Readings are shown in three ways: via back and front LCD, coloured LED indication and by audible sound, selectable loud/normal/off.


This detector is designed to survive tough construction site conditions, being water and dustproof to IP55.


It can be used as either a hand-held or staff mounted detector for a wide range of construction applications.



Digital readout of elevation to +/-45mm, so not only will high or low arrows be displayed, but the exact distance from grade will also be numerically displayed. This eliminates the need to get exactly "on-grade" to make measurements, thus speeding up setting-out.

Large 125mm reception height acquires the beam quickly and makes it easy to stay in the beam.

Simultaneous elevation LED's signal in low light levels and over a longer range for easier reading in poor light conditions.

Multiple deadband sensitivity settings, three in all, allows adaptation to meet all your jobsite requirements.

Dust and weatherproof housing to IP55.

Continuous usage, 40 hours battery life with auto switch off facility.


FRD800G Detector upgrade includes:

FRD800G instrument

4 x type AA alkaline batteries 

Mounting clamp bracket

Instruction & safety manual

Please Note: If you upgrade to the FRD800G Detector, the default Detector will be removed from the kit.

Calibration and servicing:

We check and calibrate all Lasers prior to dispatch, to ensure they meet or exceed the manufacturers published specifications at the time of shipment from the factory.
If you routinely work on large job sites, which require you to have a physical Calibration certificate, issued in your name and matched to the Laser via its serial number, you must ensure you tick the above box marked "Paper Certificate" (where applicable) to add a Calibration certificate to your order. The Certificate will then be generated and included with your Laser. Please note the issuing of a Calibration certificate DOES NOT delay or hold up the despatch of your Laser in any way.

Kit comprises of:

Calibrated Fukuda FRE-203XG Laser instrument 
Laser Detector with mounting clamp bracket (Option to upgrade to Spectra HL760U Detector)
IR Remote Control
Rechargeable battery pack for laser
Mains charger

Spare alkaline battery pack for laser

Batteries for Detector & Remote Control

Green laser enhancement glasses
Green magnetic target plate
Instruction & Safety manual
Robust & foam lined, carry case 

Surveying Tripod
4m Measuring Staff
Automatic 3 Year Warranty

Delivery prices for commonly delivered to places:

Delivery to UK (including Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands & Islands) - FREE Delivery for all customers in the United Kingdom

Delivery to Republic of Ireland - DPD Local - 2 Working Days - FREE Delivery for all customers in the Republic of Ireland

Delivery to Jersey / Guernsey / Alderney / Sark / Isle of Man - DPD Local - 2 Working Days: £15.99.

Delivery to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Holland, Belgium - Courier Service (3-6 Working Days): £24.99 GBP.

Delivery to all other locations - full details available at checkout.

VAT Invoice:

When the order is dispatched, a PDF (digital copy) of the VAT invoice will be attached to the dispatch confirmation email and a paper copy of the VAT invoice will be in the box.

Key information:

Model FRE-203XG
Brand Fukuda
Type Rotary Laser
Laser beam Dot
Laser colour Green Beam
Beam axis Horizontal & Vertical
Levelling Fully Self Levelling
Usage Indoor & Outdoor
Facilities Scan
Slope setting Dual grade
Setting out Squaring / 90° Setting Out
Mounting thread 5/8 inch
Power source Rechargeable
Laser output Class 3R
IP rating IP66 (Dust tight / Protected against powerful jets of water)
Warranty Automatic 3 Year Warranty

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Posted by James Daly on Thursday 9th of April 2020


Hey Guys I’m looking to purchase a laser lever I’m based in Ireland I see you charge Vat Is there a way you can deduct the vat for me We don’t pay vat in the Uk cause we can’t claim it back in Ireland Many Thanks


  • Posted by Laser Levels Online - Support on Thursday 9th of April 2020

    Hi James,

    Not an issue with delivery to Ireland. Ireland is our second-largest market.

    Simply add the Fukuda FRE-203XT to the basket and then at the main checkout enter your deliver details.
    The total will then be calculated and you can pay via credit card, paypal or bank transfer.

    At the main checkout, you can then enter your IE VAT number and confirm you are exempt from all vat charges.
    The site then checks with VIES - European Commission in real-time and if it is valid it will remove the UK VAT.

    Do not submit your order if VAT is still showing.

    Delivery to ROI is on a two working day service by DPD to Ireland but because of the Easter weekend, delivery will now be Wednesday 15th.


    Laser Levels Online


Posted by Rafal Kruk on Monday 17th of February 2020


HI how long working this laser fukudaFRE-203.Let me know please.


  • Posted by Laser Levels Online - Support on Monday 17th of February 2020

    Hi Rafal,

    Thank you for your message.

    The range of the Fukuda FRE-203XG using the supplied Detector is 500m diameter.

    Best regards

    Laser Levels Online

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