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Fukuda FRE-208 Laser Kit


Fully Self Levelling True Grade Rotary Laser Level Kit, Including Laser Detector, Radio Control Remote, Surveying Tripod & 2.4M Measuring Staff For Horizontal & Vertical Use Indoors and Outdoors

Model: FRE-208

SKU: FRE-208

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Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

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Product overview:

A top-of-the-range model in the Fukuda Laser level family, available at a very competitive price.


The FRE-208 is a TRUE GRADE laser where the User can easily input the exact % of slope required, digitally. The instrument will then simply set the laser beam to that slope. This can be in one axis only (single grade) or in two axis X & Y for dual grading. A radio linked Remote Control with a 50m range makes this quick & easy.

The laser also has plumb up & plumb down, red laser dot beams. By mounting the instrument on its side, (called lay-down) this gives a squaring facility. ie. 90 degree setting out - a very useful feature.


Constructed with a robust, waterproof housing, an automatic drift system and the facility of radio controlled Dual grade - has made this the Grade laser of choice for Groundworks Contractors.


The FRE-208 is also suitable for indoor use, where the rotating speed can be reduced to improve visibility of the laser beam by eye; together with a concentrated beam, SCAN facility.

Slope/Grading Overview:

General builders, groundworkers, roofers and others often need to calculate slope or at least they must have some understanding of it.
Slope, grade, tilt or inclination can be expressed in three ways:

1)  As a ratio of the rise height to the run length (for example 1 in 20) or equally in terms of the fall height to the run length.
2)  As a percentage called the "grade" which is the (rise ÷ run) x 100; eg. 1m rise ÷ 20m run x 100 = 5% (instead of rise can read fall ).
3)  As an angle (almost always in degrees)

Of these 3 ways, Slope is normally expressed as a ratio or a percentage grade much more often than an actual angle and here's the reason why.....
Stating a ratio such as 1 in 20 immediately tells you, that for every 20 horizontal units measured, your height changes by 1 unit.
Stating this as a percentage, whatever horizontal distance you measure, your height changes by 5% of that distance.

Stating this as an angle of 2.8624 degrees doesn't give you much of an idea of how the rise compares to the run!



The FRE-208 (auto) self-levels horizontally & vertically, is accurate to +/-3mm over 30m & has a 500 metre diameter range using the supplied laser detector.

For site Groundworks use, this is a TRUE GRADE laser. Simply input the slope % directly within the range +10% to -10% of fall. This enables the User to accurately and easily set slopes (grades) in both X and Y axis, as required, with high precision and stability.

The kit includes a Radio Remote Control - to enable you to adjust the rotating speed (for indoor work) and outdoors - to set Grades (slopes), as described above. A very useful feature, which allows control from distance without the laser level being disturbed. Note: Outdoors: set the rotating speed to maximum (600rpm) to give the best operating distance with the supplied detector.

A rechargeable battery pack system is built-in and as back-up, the FRE-208 will operate on normal alkaline batteries too. We always keep spare rechargeable batteries in stock as part of our Spares, Repairs & full Calibration service.


Accuracy ±3mm @ 30 metres (+/-20 arc seconds)

Slope (Grade) range: +/-10.0%  (1 in 10)

Automatic self-levelling range: 5 degrees (instrument will auto level on a surface up to to 5 degrees out of true level)

Laser source: visible laser diode, rated 632nM

Laser classification: class IIIA, 5mW

Working range: Up to 500m diameter with the supplied detector
Levelling type: Electronic Self-levelling via stepper motors
Rotational speed: selectable from 60, 120, 300 to maximum 600rpm
Scanning angles: 10, 45, 90 & 180 degrees
Radio Remote control: range approx. 50 metres
Operating temp: -20 to +50 deg C.
Environment: Water and dust-proof to IP55
Power: Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack with mains charger (supplied), or 4 x size C alkaline batteries.
Running time: approx. 20 hours continuous
Tripod Mounting thread: 5/8" - 11
Dimensions: 160L x 160W x 185H (mm)
Weight: 3kg with batteries
Warranty: Full 24 months parts & labour excluding accidental damage, normal wear & tear.

Example usage:

This instrument is designed to be used by Exterior Groundworks Contractors for:

General earthworks, footings, foundations, slab laying, land & building drainage & landscaping projects etc.

Manufacturers data:

News: Laser Levels Online have announced the introduction of an extension to their Fukuda rotary laser level warranty. As of 15/10/2015, all Fukuda branded rotary laser levels, now come with a 2 years parts and labour warranty. Customers are already confident in Fukuda's high quality products, but now have the added confidence of a two year parts and labour warranty as well. Fukuda rotary lasers purchased prior to 15/10/2015 are covered by a 1 year warranty. Fukuda cross line laser warranties remain unchanged.

Also included in the kit:

The Fukuda FRE-208 Kit also includes the following accessories:

FREE Telescopic Levelling Staff (Model: TLS3)

(Colours / Brand may vary)

2.4m, 3-section, Telescopic Levelling Staff. 
Three robust aluminium sections (3 x 3ft) with abrasion proof scale. 
Height 950mm closed length to extended max. height 2440mm.
Automatic locking buttons when extended.
Provision for rear bubble level.
E-graduations (1cm) / Markings on front and mm scale on back. 
Red / Black coded sections. 
Accepts Laser Detector mounting bracket.
Height: 0.95m closed length to extended max 2.4m. 
Weight 0.95kg. 


FREE Spectra Precision Surveying Tripod (Model: Q104025)

(Colours may vary)

Rigid aluminium tripod. 
Extending legs with clamp locking adjustment. 
Spiked feet. 
Flat top, mounting head. 
Shoulder carry strap. 
Head size 110mm
5/8 inch x 11 thread. 
Closed length 0.870m
Max. Opened height 1.39m approx.
Tripod weight: 3.15kg
Carton size: 19 x 20 x 91(L) cm


Calibration and servicing:

We check and calibrate all Lasers prior to dispatch, to ensure they meet or exceed the manufacturers published specifications at the time of shipment from the factory.
If you routinely work on large job sites, which require you to have a physical Calibration certificate, issued in your name and matched to the Laser via its serial number, you must ensure you tick the above box marked "Paper Certificate" (where applicable) to add a Calibration certificate to your order. The Certificate will then be generated and included with your Laser. Please note the issuing of a Calibration certificate DOES NOT delay or hold up the despatch of your Laser in any way.

Kit comprises of:

Fukuda FRE-208 Grade Laser instrument
Rechargeable battery pack & Mains charger

Spare battery holder to accept alkaline batteries (supplied)
Detector with mounting bracket & batteries (Option to upgrade to Fukuda FRD800 Laser Detector)

Radio Remote control with 2 x AA batteries

Red Laser Glasses

Red Magnetic Target plate
Instruction / Safety Manual
Foam lined carry case.

Surveying Tripod
2.4m Measuring Staff

Key information:

Model FRE-208
Brand Fukuda
Type Rotary Laser
Laser beam Dot
Laser colour Red Beam
Beam axis Horizontal & Vertical
Levelling Fully Self Levelling
Usage Indoor & Outdoor (Although mainly an Outdoor product)
Facilities Plumb, Scan
Slope setting Dual grade
Setting out Squaring / 90° Setting Out
Mounting thread 5/8 inch
Power source Both types (Rechargeable & Non-Rechargeable)
Laser output Class 3A
IP rating IP55 (Protected against dust / Protected against jets of water from any direction)
Warranty Full 24 Months Parts & Labour Warranty

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Questions and answers about this product:

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Posted by Steve on Wednesday 6th of September 2017


I have Model FRE207 and having difficulties setting the slopes for drainage & landscaping. Do you have any information or diagrams that can help me with my problem ? If so I would deeply appreciate any information of use by email.


  • Posted by Laser Levels Online - Support on Wednesday 6th of September 2017

    Hi Steve

    In case you do not have the User guide for the FRE-207, please see this link:

    We do have additional data, please see

    "Grade Conversion Chart" - I will email a copy of this directly to you.

    We do not have any other diagrams available but we are always happy to discuss any specific applications over the 'phone with our customers. Tel Service Dept 01246 260007.

    Best regards


    Laser Levels Online

Posted by Andy Woodings on Thursday 26th of November 2015


Hi, Please can you let me know the price for a battery and charger for the Fukuda FRE-207 Laser Level. Regards Andy


  • Posted by Laser Levels Online - Support on Thursday 26th of November 2015

    Hi Andy,
    Thank you for your email.
    You can order the Charger and optional spare battery for the FRE-207 here:
    Please ensure you tick the box to include the spare battery.
    All orders must be placed online.
    If you have any further questions or require any additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Best regards
    Mark Roberts
    Laser Levels Online

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Answer: Yes, we deliver worldwide.
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Answer: Yes, enter your EU Vat number at the checkout and after it is automatically checked with the EU VAT database it will make the order 0% VAT.
Common Questions: Is the product in stock?
Answer: Yes, if it says 'In Stock' then it's in Stock.

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