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Spectra QML800 QuickMark Laser Layout System

Model: QML800


£8,520.00 Incl. VAT: £10,224.00

Availability: Special Order Item
Please contact us for estimated delivery times Please contact us for estimated delivery times.

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Product overview:

QML800 Interior 2-D Layout System kit

The QML800 QuickMark Layout system comprises of two high resolution line lasers controlled by a upgraded Nvidia tablet. The two lasers communicate, in wireless mode, with the tablet. The system calibration consists of aligning the two lasers together and defining an origin point and a scale.


The point from any map can be entered easily using CAD drawing export or CSV file export. Once all the points are uploaded on the tablet, the user simply selects any point and the lasers rotate to create, within few seconds, a bright visible X where this point is located.


There are many possibilities to select a point either directly from the map or by entering its coordinates or even from the list of points previously uploaded.

It is fast, efficient and very easy-to-use. Complicated shapes, arcs and curves are now easy to layout with no calculations required.


Days of layout now become hours. Accuracy is also improved and more importantly, errors are not compounded from point to point. As a result, layouts can be completed before the other trades arrive.


Spectra Precision says the system is accurate to within 3mm across the entire floor being laid out. In testing they found that the system reduces labour hours by 56 per cent. In fact, they put the system to the test by asking one crew to lay out 225 points with the QML800 and another with the traditional method. The crew with the QML800 finished the job in two hours while the other crew was only able to lay out 64 points! Beyond that, the crew without the QML800 made 5 errors while the crew with it made none.


Spectra Precision says these kinds of errors only compound and can ruin a whole job. The QML system allows crews to see whether all of the points will fit within a given floor from the beginning because it measures from the plans rather than from point to point. 


All-in-all its a fantastic layout aid for the Professional Interior Contractor!



If you are seriously interested in this product and would like an On-site Demonstration, then we do offer this facility to our potential UK & ROI customers.

Please email: with your full contact details, or Sales: 08000 869 769




Visible X marks the spot

Intuitive tablet interface

Wireless communications between tablet and the lasers

Points located in 5 seconds

Multiple point entry methods

Labour reduction of over 50%

Fast set-up with minimal training

Eliminate calculation and marking errors

Complex shapes and dense areas are easily laid out

Reduce trade conflicts on site

Quick return on Investment - 1 to 3 jobs on average.



Line Laser Specifications:

Laser Accuracy:  3mm typical
Self-leveling Range: 40 +/-1 deg from true level.
Working Range: typical work area 30m x 30m
Visible beam distance: 22m
Laser Source: 635 nm, Class 2, <1mW
Power Source: Lithium ion battery, 5200 mAh, 3.7V
Battery Life: operating time 16hrs / charge time 10hrs
Tripod Mount: 5/8” x 11
Operating Temperature:  -10 °C to 45 °C
Storage Temperature:  -20 °C to 60 °C
Water Resistant: Yes, IP54
Laser Instrument Size: 70 × 45 × 25 cm
Instrument weight: 2.7kg
Carry case weight: 10.5kg.
Controller Specification:
Model: Shield Tablet K1
Manufacturer: Nvidia
Screen size: 8 inch (203mm) diagonal

Laser specification:

LP30 Laser Pointer:

Level/UP beam accuracy: +/-1.5mm @ 5m

Down beam accuracy: +/-1mm @ 0.5m

Self-levelling range: +/-4 deg from level

Laser class: 2

Laser type: 635nM

Battery life: approx. 20hrs (alkaline)


Product video:

QML800 Series: An Introduction to QCAD

QML800 "X Marks the Spot

QML800: The New Way to do Interior Layout

Technical specification:


Height: 0.48 - 0.84m

Attachment thread: 5/8" x 11

Example usage:

Drywall Contractors

MEP Contractors

General Contractors

Construction Managers


and anybody, (without needing a surveying background), who could require the quick lay-out of an interior space.


Manufacturers data:

Spectra 2 Year - No Cost - WARRANTY
This Spectra QML800 is covered by a "2-Year - No Cost" Warranty which covers all defects due to material and workmanship. Spectra Precision Laser products with this warranty that have failed will be repaired FREE OF CHARGE for two years from the date of purchase.

Please note:

The Spectra LP30 and the Nexus Tablet included in this kit have the following warranties. The LP30 is covered for 2 years and the Nexus Tablet for 1 year.

Please click HERE to visit the manufactures data page.

If you need?:

Calibration and servicing:

We check and calibrate all Lasers prior to dispatch, to ensure they meet or exceed the manufacturers published specifications at the time of shipment from the factory.
If you routinely work on large job sites, which require you to have a physical Calibration certificate, issued in your name and matched to the Laser via its serial number, you must ensure you tick the above box marked "Paper Certificate" (where applicable) to add a Calibration certificate to your order. The Certificate will then be generated and included with your Laser. Please note the issuing of a Calibration certificate DOES NOT delay or hold up the despatch of your Laser in any way.

Kit comprises of:

High resolution Line Lasers (2)
Set of Rechargeable Batteries & a Mains Charger

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Controller with protective cover

Mains charger for Tablet Controller

LP30 Laser Pointer and batteries

Target attachments (for above)

5/8" Tripods with canvas carry bags (2)
Laser enhancement Glasses
Robust carry case
Instruction & Safety Manuals

VAT Invoice:

When the order is dispatched, a PDF (digital copy) of the VAT invoice will be attached to the dispatch confirmation email and a paper copy of the VAT invoice will be in the box.

Key information:

Model QML800
Brand Spectra Precision
Type Line Laser
Laser beam Line
Laser colour Red Beam
Beam axis Vertical only
Usage Indoor
Setting out Squaring / 90° Setting Out
Mounting thread 5/8 inch
Power source Rechargeable
Laser output Class 2
IP rating IP54 (Protected against dust / Protected against splashing water from any direction)
Warranty Automatic 2 Year Warranty

Questions and answers about this product:

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(Not Answerred)
Posted by Scot Gear on Monday 24th of February 2020


Do you hire this kit?

Posted by vinny Pacheco on Thursday 14th of December 2017


do you have anyone that has classes on the QML800 In new York


  • Posted by Laser Levels Online - Support on Thursday 14th of December 2017

    Hi Vinny,

    Sadly although we can arrange for training in the UK, we don't have anyone is the US.

    Best regards
    Mark Roberts
    Laser Levels Online
    The Laser Level Specialists
Posted by Toby Bolt on Friday 24th of March 2017


Hi - this product has been brought to my attention and looks very useful for our company. In short we manufacture and build light gauge steel frame wall panels and floor cassettes and this product would be most useful for setting out both hot rolled steel columns and each individual wall panel (currently marked out with measure and string). I have a couple of technical questions that will determine whether we would consider investing in this type of system; I see the package comes complete with a Google Nexus tablet - is this the only hardware compatible with the system, would any other Android tablets work instead, is the software Android exclusive, or is there a Windows or IOS alternative? The video for the QCAD software looks like it is only reading AutoCAD drawings - is there any functionality compatible with Revit, or would Revit plans have to be exported into CAD? Also our panels would already have their own 'datum points' associated within the Revit model (may transfer into CAD format) - could they be picked up automatically to negate the need to manually create every reference point? Thanks


  • Posted by Laser Levels Online - Support on Friday 24th of March 2017

    Hi Toby

    I have asked Steve, the Technical Advisor from Spectra Trimble UK to contact you directly:

    This was his reply:
    "We have recently updated the system which has the facility to import CAD drawings directly on to the tablet. Indeed to enable this functionality we have changed the Tablet to a Nvidia model. Currently the app is only available on Android tablets.
    This upgraded solution will indeed negate the need to manually create reference points.
    Please use the links below to view the latest info-videos on the QML800 system.
    I would welcome the opportunity to visit your location to carry out an onsite demonstration, please feel free to contact me directly should you think this would be beneficial.
    I hope this helps."
    Best regards
    Ian Roberts
    Laser Levels Online

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