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What's in the bag?

Each 4m Measuring Staff from Laser Levels Online includes a Clip-on Circular Bubble Level and a Spare Staff Button.

Clip-on Circular Bubble Level for Measuring Staff

Every staff is supplied with a circular bubble level on a metal mounting bracket.

You can find this level in the velcro pocket at the top of the staff's orange carry sleeve.

Simply fit it into the slot on the “mm” scale side of the staff (lower section). This level is used to ensure the staff is held truly vertical in use.

This is very important when taking levels over long distance, so that errors are not introduced unnecessarily.

Is is much better to use this accurate bubble level than any mounted on the detector bracket.

Spare Staff Button

If the Measuring Staff has been dropped or damaged, it is often useful to have a spare Staff button.

You will again find this button in the velcro pocket at the top of the staff’s orange carry sleeve.

The following procedure explains how to replace a damaged locking button assembly on the TLS4S measuring staff.

Fitting Procedure

1. Lay the staff on a flat surface and fully depress the “damaged” button.
2. Still holding down the button, carefully pull the two aluminium staff sections apart.
3. Remove the locking button assembly. It is a simple drop fit (not clipped in place).
4. Fit the new replacement assembly.
5. Depress button and carefully slide the sections together until they lock into place.

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