Grade Facility or True Grade?

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When talking about grading / setting slopes of falls with a laser, there are two distinct types of Rotary Laser: Grade Facility & True Grade.

Grade Facility Laser LevelsGrade Facility lasers account for most of the Rotary Laser Levels you see (either out of the box or with optional accessories like a remote). As the name suggests the laser has the "facility" to tilt the beam and allows you to set a gradient or fall. However, it is an entirely manual process that requires you to calculate the exact gradient the laser is angled to.

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Note: Some Lasers require a Remote Control to unlock the Grade Facility mode.

True Grade Laser LevelsTrue Grade lasers are specifically designed to make gradients and slopes as easy as possible and you do this by keying in a percentage value directly into the keypad for both the X & Y-axis. The Laser then automatically tilts the laser head to the exact gradient entered. As an example, if you wanted to set a 1:40 fall you would look at your conversion chart which would show that it's a 2.5% fall and so in the X-axis you would enter 2.5% and then the laser would tilt to that value. You know you have then entered a 1:40 fall for your drain run.

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Do you need Grade Facility or a True Grade Laser?

In simple terms, Grade Facility lasers are generally cheaper, but slower to set up the slope. Whereas True Grade Lasers are significantly faster and easier to use, but more expensive. So again, your choice comes down to the available budget and how easy you want it to be.

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